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The story of four would-be gods coexisting in the modern world.
With each other’s help, they crawl towards their enormous potential.


"Holiness is Overrated"

Impotents is the story of young Jesus, Buddha, Ganesh and Missy (Artemis) all living in the modern world. These four would-be gods are unaware of their vast potential and struggle to make their way. Unlike their holy counterparts, this group is pretty much powerless. In other words “impotent” and probably better defined by their weaknesses.

As the series progresses, the four form a special bond. Their relationships evolve and they realize that, together, they can offset each other’s inadequacies. Within this universe exist a few other holy souls (Mary, Joseph, Zeus) as well as big cast of other supporting characters.

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Episode 1:

Holy Rollers

Jesus and Buddha are coaxed into purchasing VIP headbands in order to gain access to a nightclub (with no VIP section). When ushered into a makeshift velvet rope area they attempt to reach out and meet other guests.

Episode 2:

Stoney Lonesome

A vivid nightmare of Jesus’s places him, Buddha and Ganesh in a maximum security prison. In order to avoid the unthinkable, they quickly enroll in separate gangs.

Episode 3:


Missy and Gertrude are on a double date with Gertrude’s crush and his effeminate actor friend. In order to numb herself to the experience, Missy succumbs to drunkenness.

Episode 4:


Ganesh, with only the aid of a raunchy computer printout, is on a mission to locate his steamy internet date. Abetting him is an unscrupulous doctor, who clues him into her identity while he sets of on his perverse adventure.

Episode 5:

Training Day

Jesus accidentally initiates a conference call between his mother Mary, his father Joseph and Joseph’s drug dealer. Later, Jesus begins orientation at the call center. His scummy boss, Mr. Murphy makes a team introduction and Jesus meets Stuttering Pete for the first time.

Episode 6:

The Rents

Zeus and Missy butt heads outside Zeus’s mansion, when he arrives home after a night of partying with two young girls.